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Monday, April 30, 2007

Welcome Aboard, Marc!

One of the great things about hobbies can be the people that you meet who share your hobby interests. It's doubly wonderful when you meet someone through your hobby who also shares some of your larger concerns about the world. So it is with great pleasure that I say "Welcome aboard!" HTP Blog to Marc Kuffler. Marc is a most knowledgeable collector of standard gauge trains who has maintained a most interesting blog focusing on our hobby for several years. I joined Marc's blog recently as a contributor, and I'm delighted that he is going to return the favor here on HTP.

The Bushies continue eating their own. Don't you just feel terrible for poor George Tenet. His new book in his own defense, which is due out today, accuses Bush/Cheney of not fully discussing the Iraq war before proceeding. But George Tenet, you told George Bush that Iraq would be a "slam-dunk." Come on George Tenet, you had to know that if you told clueless, dumb George Bush something like that then you'd be enabling him. There would be no further discussion needed. It would be slam-dunk! On 60 minutes last night, Tenet tried to say that he meant something else by "slam-dunk." Give me a break. You have to be of questionable character to take the job of CIA chief. I could never do it and I don't know anyone who could. The CIA is a necessary evil. But to take the job under Bush/Cheney, now that would require someone really special, wouldn't it?

Here's an update on the former Imus slot on MSNBC. This week they are simulcasting yet another local radio show talking head, one Stephanie Miller from somewhere out on the Left coast. Supposedly a "liberal," she claims she is too liberal for Republicans and right wingers, but too un-PC for those on the left. Where do they get these people?


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