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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Philadelphia's Soda Tax IS Racist

From The Philadelphia Inquirer:

It’s “duplicitous,” said Philly Democratic Sen. Tony Williams, because the people it taxes most are the people it purports to help most. At one point, discussing city demographics, Williams said, “We don’t tax lattes. Maybe we should.”...

Jeff Brown, owner of several Philly ShopRites and chairman of the Pennsylvania Food Merchants Association, was blunter. “It’s a racist tax,” he said. “It falls disproportionately on people of color and assumes they can’t make wise decisions regarding their health.”...

There also was testimony that the soda tax will result in lower-income neighborhoods losing access to fresh foods as grocery stores are forced to close. Brown, for example, who also owns ShopRites in Philly suburbs, said his city stores’ profits are down 15 percent, his beverage sales are down 60 percent, and he might have to shutter stores in poorer neighborhoods. There was other testimony about sales declines and upswings in soda purchases outside the city. And Danny Grace, president of Teamsters Local 830, said 150 beverage production workers and drivers have been laid off since the tax took effect.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Autumn On Fire Island

Lots of end of season work to do, but what a beautiful time to be on the island!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Headed Home

We're on board our flight home half way across the Atlantic after a really enjoyable trip. Here are some random photos of some of the fun.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Day Trip To Granada

Our ship docked in Malaga on Tuesday, one of Spain's largest ports. We took an early morning bus ride to Granada to visit one of Spain's two most popular attractions, the Alhambra. The ancient Moorish castle sits high up on hills and covers a huge area. The Mudejar architecture is lacy and delicate, and some traces of blue paint survive on the decorative stucco. The extensive gardens are covered with bright colored flowers and towering Cypress trees. After our two hour tour we had a delicious lunch that included an excellent seafood paella. - Dan

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

A Trip To Seville

We last visited Seville in 2008. On the current cruise, our ship docked in Cadiz, and we took a bus tour to Seville, about an hour and a half away from the port. Seville is much more crowded now, with tourists from around the world. Our guide showed us the large building Plaza de Espana, built in 1929 for an exposition of Spain and the Americas. Bright colored and painted tiles show important places and events in Spanish history, on this elaborate building, now used as city offices. After a stroll through the Murillo Gardens, we toured the grand Moorish mudehar style palace of the Alcazar, home to the Spanish kings for centuries. After a local lunch, we photographed the vast Gothic Cathedral's exterior, sadly closed early on Mondays. The bus took us back to Cadiz, and on board we had dinner with new friends from Philadelphia. - Dan