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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bipartisan - Who gives a fuck?

It's hard for me to tell you how tired I am of the whole concept of "Bipartisan". It's a concept that has been largely corrupted by both political parties.

A bipartisan bill from Phil Graham (Gramm-Leach) gutted the financial regulations that would have prevented the financial industry from playing lotto with people's mortgages and savings created much of our current mess. Incidentally, quite a few Dems voted for it as well. Remember something though; Phil's wife was the big beneficiary of the deregulation at Enron. You know, the company that was as crooked as a 3 dollar bill and tanked the California power grid?

Congress has been mostly partisan for the last 8 years in favor of the fantasy-based Republican Party including Senator McCain. So when I saw Senator McCain come out today hammering President Obama for a lack of a bipartisan approach to the fiscal stimulus, I had to laugh. After I laughed I felt that burning sensation rolling up my throat; like my job was going to be paving roads a year from now.

Didn't McCain's party vote to send everyone $400 and $800 checks so they could go spend more money in Walmart? Didn't they sign us up for a no-bid war that cost $1 billion/a week? No-bid means by the way that they gave contractors like Haliburton contracts with no competition and the deals they created were sealed in secrecy. Shall I go on? How about an $800 billion give away to the banks for bonus's and new corporate jets. Zero accountability, none whatsoever, nor any oversight or prayer of a payback.

Hence when I hear John McCain and the Republican party express righeous indignation about the current stimulus bill the "I don't give a shit-o-meter" goes right off the scale.

Americans seem to be addicted to fast answers to questions that have yet to be asked. Hell, we don't even know what kind of pile of dog shit we're stepping in and already the Republicans are crying fowl and the Democrats are trying to spend as fast as they can.
I look at politicians like they are my employees. My puny paycheck gets taxed and they work for me. They'd better go find some smart people that can start asking the right questions and cut out this "get fixed quick" scam artist nonsense. If all of these people worked for me directly they'd have a boatload of explaining to do.
1) What legislation are they going to put in place t prevent this kind of gambling?
2) What is the real dollar scope of the current debacle?
3) What are our allies doing around the world?
4) Give us some short term and long term options.
5) Show me some people that came up with the ideas and have them explain why they will work.
By the way, I happen to believe much of this debacle could be solved by people working. How about some legislation that makes the good American managers at Walmart, Target, GAP and every other major coroporation buy American? Hell, 90% of the items in these stores is imported from slave labor in some other part of the world most Americans have never heard of.
Buy American.
Sound reasonable? Ya, I thought so. Good questions don't have anything to do with bipartisan bullshit. Thus my original question still stands, bipartisan - who gives a fuck?

PS Please, for God sakes, stop caring about what George Will, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Kokie Roberts, George Stephanopolous and the rest of them think. Newsflash: TV news and radio shitheads are not news, they are entertainment.

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