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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Hapless Gays

the Democratic Party, with solid majorities in House and Senate and a Democratic president in the White House refuses to end discrimination against gay servicemembers, who are risking their lives for this country at a time of war. The Human Rights Campaign has no ability to translate over 70 percent public support for a measure into votes (ending employment discrimination against gays has over 80 percent support but HRC is so irrelevant it hasn't been to get that passed for two decades). It's vital for the gay rights movement to understand that the Republicans are intent on discriminating against gay citizens at every opportunity in order to win votes from bigots. And the Democratic party's only interest in gay equality is getting gay money. - Andrew Sullivan

Sullivan is correct. Gays are a minority with no real pride in themselves, otherwise they would not continue to be allow themselves to be dumped upon like this. That's why I haven't voted for a Democrat Party candidate for president in the last several decades. This will not change until gays wake up and stop supporting the Obamas and the Clintons and the rest of the Democrats, who are not our friends. There are decent third party alternatives, or we can just stay home and keep our wallets closed until such time as we get results , not betrayals or lip service.

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