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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Obama's Flawed Presidential Character

That we won't get real health care reform, or much action on gay equality is squarely the result of Obama's flawed presidential character. He is what political scientist Dr. James Barber describes as a passive-positive type:

"Passive-positive is a receptive, complaint, other-directed character with a life searching for affection as a reward for being agreeable and cooperative rather than personally assertive."

Barber cites the example of James Madison:

"The fourth president was James Madison, “Little Jemmy,” the constitutional philosopher thrown into the White House at a time of great international turmoil. Madison comes closest to the passive-positive, or compliant type; he suffered from irresolution, tried to compromise his way out, and gave in too readily to the
“warhawks” urging combat with Britain. The nation drifted into war, and Madison wound up ineptly commanding his collection of amateur generals in the streets of Washington. General Jackson’s victory at New Orleans saved the Madison administration’s historical reputation; but he left the presidency with the
United States close to bankruptcy and secession."

Sound familiar?

Basically, progressives are screwed with Obama in the White House. The only real change we'll see is that we now have a liberal push over seeking "bi-partisanship" at the helm instead of an active positive ram-things-through ultra conservative. George W. Bush always played to his base: Obama ignores or offends his.

We elected the wrong candidate, I'm sorry to say. I was no fan of Hillary, but hindsight is 20/20 and she is looking mighty good right now.

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