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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Obama Goes Before The "HRC Gays" On Saturday

One of the "Four Fountains" in Rome

I call them the "HRC Gays"...conservative clean cut types with money who think they can buy equality with schmoozing and contributions. But that strategy hasn't worked out well for them, or the rest of us. The only winner has been the Democratic Party's treasury.

Saturday evening, the day before the gay "Equality March" on Washington, Obama goes before the HRC gays once again. It will be a pretty speech, but will the sentiments be backed up by a firm timetable committment for action on ENDA, DADT, DOMA, etc?

I'm not optimistic.

Neither is gay activist Wayne Besen:

Let's hope that Obama does not mirror the usual banquet food at such events, looking great on the menu, while turning out to be a rubber chicken. A milquetoast presidency will likely mean he's toast when he runs for reelection. He can either be history by appeasing a far right that will never support him, or do what is morally right and make history with an unforgettable speech at the HRC dinner.

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