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Monday, February 8, 2010

Obama Failing

Steve Clemons at Huffington:

Any serious survey of the Obama administration's accomplishments and setbacks over the last year has to conclude that the administration is deeply in the red.

If current trends continue, this once mesmerizing Camelot-ish operation will be be seen in the history books as the presidential administration that -- to distort slightly and inversely paraphrase Churchill -- never have so many talented people managed to achieve so little with so much.

Clemons wants Obama to read an article by Ed Luce at the Financial Times. Luce blames Obama's reliance on his close team of advisors...the Chicago gang including Emmanuel, Axelrod, Gibbs and Jarrett...who were great on the campaign trail but have failed as a governing team.

Will Obama change course - change advisors? Probably not.

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