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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Why Are We In Afghanistan Anyway?

There are few if any Al Queda terrorists in Afghanistan...between 10 and 100, according to experts. So, why are we fighting and dying there? One reason is to make Obama look good politically...not "soft on terror." The other reason seems to be the presence of oil and gas in the region, and the "strategic importance" of the area. Actually, Afghanistan is our modern day Vietnam...a war we shouldn't be involved in and one we cannot win. Obama knows this but lacks the moral strength to end our involvement. Now that Obama has installed General Petreaus to run the war, the war will go in indefinately. Petreaus will ask for more time and more troops and he will get both. Obama's promise to begin withdrawing troops next year is history. This country continues its slide downward under the "change we can believe in" president. There appears to be little hope for us.

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