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Friday, July 2, 2010

What Should Obama Do For The Gays?

Obama could issue an executive “stop loss” order putting an end to discharges under DADT immediately. He could have done this on day one of his presidency. He would have done it if he were the “fierce advocate” for us that he claimed to be during the campaign. Secondly, he could use the bully pulpit of his office to advocate forcefully for justice for gays and lesbians. For example, he could have spoken out against anti gay ballot initiatives like the one on Maine. Thirdly, he could instruct his justice department to cease defending unconstitutional laws such as DADT and DOMA in court.
The next congress is likely to be much more Republican and much more hostile to any gay rights legislation. The best shot we had was this congress and we achieved precious little. Obama added insult to injury by doing just about nothing for us.

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