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Friday, December 3, 2010

Krugman: Obama's Moral Collapse

Photo: Taormina, Sicily

Paul Krugman throws in the towel on Obama:

It’s hard to escape the impression that Republicans have taken Mr. Obama’s measure — that they’re calling his bluff in the belief that he can be counted on to fold. And it’s also hard to escape the impression that they’re right... Whatever is going on inside the White House, from the outside it looks like moral collapse — a complete failure of purpose and loss of direction...all indications are that the party will have to look elsewhere for the leadership it needs.

Hopefully, there will be a Democratic Party challenger to Obama in 2012, or a third party progressive candidate with guts. One thing is clear: Obama is a failure. We might as well get rid of him ASAP, and hope for a real leader with progressive values to emerge.

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