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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mubarak's Thugs On The Rampage In Cairo

Photo: Dan and Jim in Egypt Summer 2009

If you have any doubt about who is responsible for the violence in Cairo, read this from New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof who is on the ground in Egypt:

The pro-Mubarak forces arrived in busloads that mysteriously were waved past checkpoints. These forces emerged at the same time in both Alexandria and Cairo, and they seemed to have been briefed to carry the same kinds of signs and scream the same slogans...Come on, President Obama. You owe the democracy protesters being attacked here, and our own history and values, a much more forceful statement deploring this crackdown.

But Mr. "play it cool" Obama is hedging his bets, which will not be good for future US prospects in the Middle East.

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