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Sunday, March 20, 2011

So let me get this straight....

Ok, so now we are still at war in Afghanistan, in Iraq (contractors, not soldiers, just 60,000 contractors) and now we are attacking Libya? And the Republicans are cutting jobs and trying to gut the unions and sack teachers?

Please tell me that we aren't this stupid? One thing for sure: Obama has vaporized my vote for him. Not interested, been there, done that. We need someone that is angry and has some balls and brains. I'm pretty sure our executive and legislative staff is playing with "none of the above".

We need better education so we don't keep electing fuck ups. By the way, we could start by banning all of our legislators from even thinking of taking lobbying dollars. That might be a good start to pull our ass out of this rut. Make the Fed completely transparent and public as well would be a good second place.... End of rant.


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