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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Obama's Weaknesses And The Coming War With Iran

Yale professor David Bromwich at Huffington outlines how Obama's lack of leadership and the will to confront his political enemies at home and abroad has put us on track for a war with Iran. So we're almost out of one war, trying to get out of another, yet preparing for a third war later this year. What a tragedy that the first African American president is such a failure on so many fronts. Bromwich:
Nothing could be more disastrous for America and nothing could be less necessary than war with Iran. Obama's idea, if it is his idea, that he can assist or countenance or be party to an attack by Israel without deep repercussions against the United States and many of its assets and its people the world over, is the most desperate of fantasies. The repercussions, if they are not felt at once, will be felt for a generation and more. Obama has let the war party have their innings until they are sure that they control him. All the signs now, and above all his reluctance to make a case for negotiation or even to hint at the progress of diplomacy that may be under way, suggest that the people who pitched for the Iraq war and have Iran in their sights are counting Obama as one of their own. He is reluctant, yes, but he is almost a committed man. The latest propaganda for war has gone so far that it will be a full-time job to resist the momentum building to a "test" some time this year. As it stands, Iran is headed to become for Obama in 2012 what the economy was in 2010: a controllable crisis which, through personal inaction and conventional acquiescence in failed policies, threatens to pass utterly beyond his control.

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