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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hapless Obama Cedes The ELection To Hapless Romney

"Change You Can Believe In"...Obama's campaign mantra from 2008 quickly evolved into business as usual once Obama took over the White House. That's why he is just now fighting the tax battle with the Republicans rather than having stood on the very principle of tax fairness that he is articulating now last year or the year before. That's why we're still in Afghanistan, still maintaining Guantanamo, and the banks are bigger and as as crooked as ever, and why no one has ever gone to jail as a result of the 2008 financial meltdown. Next year we may see even a worse meltdown according to some economists (Roubini) with no tools left to fight our way out of it. We had to force Obama to act on DADT and we almost didn't get it. Marriage equality was a no-brainer that Obanma should have embraced four years ago rather than a half a year before he needs the GLBT vote and pocketbook to get re-elected. On and on we go, with mistake following's no wonder Obama is dead even with Romney in the polls. What does he really stand for. What does he really believe? Who the hell knows. And this shows in the lousy White House communications that are issued. Drew Westin nails Obama for his incompetence and lack of vision at Huffington:
"The president and his campaign continue to make unforced errors because they don't have, and never have had since he entered the White House, either an overarching vision that would guide the way they communicate with the American people about the economy or anything else or a competent messaging team that could compensate for their over-reliance on polling where their vision should be...if the president doesn't have a vision for where he wants to lead the country -- not just during election season but for however many years he dreamed about becoming president - the least he can do is to hire a messaging team, because if he has one, and this is the best they can do, they shouldn't be there by close of business today if he believes his own rhetoric of accountability."

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