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Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Day At Sea On The Celebrity Equinox

Yesterday we were at sea for the entire day. On cruise ships there is something to do every minute of the day. There are all sorts of activities that passengers can enjoy, everything from exercise classes to gaming in the on board casino to fine dining to just relaxing in your cabin or on deck with a good book. The weather here in the Mediterranean is sunny and hot. This ship has two large pool areas: one outside where you can bake and then cool off and the other, a covered solarium for those who prefer less exposure to the intense Mediterranean sun. Yesterday morning the ship made its way through the Straits of Messina, a relatively narrow passageway between the boot of Italy and the island of Sicily. This passage was interesting to watch. On our last Mediterranean cruise we docked in Messina. This time we passed it by en route to Mykonos, where we will dock today. One of the special on board attractions of out ship, the Celebrity Equinox, is a specially designed glass blowing studio where you can watch artisans making glassware. This is one of our favorite activities and we spent a couple of hours doing this yesterday. Gay men love to party, and yesterday afternoon there was the first “tea dance,” the “Dog Tag” party, with a military theme. We’re not much interested in late night parties, but I (Jim) do enjoy a little dancing at these afternoon events. In a few hours we’ll dock off shore in Mykonos, our favorite Greek island. We’ll take tenders into town and make our way to one of the beautiful beaches, Elia, where we’re looking forward to some fabulous Greek food for lunch an a delightful swim.

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