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Friday, November 30, 2012

The Supreme Court And Marriage Equality

The Supreme Court meets in conference today to consider the various appeals relating to marriage equality. What are my expectations? My expectations are low for this court dominated by right wing ideologues who are determined to impede justice and equality for all as much as they can. What will the court do? I think they will hold off on making any decision on the Proposition 8 case in California, and they will take one or more of the appeals in the Defense Of Marriage Act (DOMA). This is the best that the troglodytes Scalia, Uncle Thomas, Alito and Roberts can do at the moment in their quest to halt equality for gay people. It will mean that same sex couples in California will continue to prevented from marrying indefinitely. The right wingers will then try to secure more votes on the court in favor of somehow impeding the gay march toward equality. Anything they can do to slow us down and push off marriage equality they consider a victory. So I am not expecting very much positive news from the court when they announce the results of their conference probably on Monday.

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