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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Farewell To A Long Time Friend

I met Joe Greenberg in the early 1980s through Amateur ("Ham") radio. Joe joined the Lambda Amateur Radio Club back then, an organization I started for GLBT amateur radio operators. Joe helped me run the club by serving for a time as one of the officers. He supported me as I struggled to get national ham organizations to treat their GLBT members without discrimination. Joe was a very strong advocate for being out and proud of who we are. I'll always be grateful for his steadfast support.

While we did not live close enough to see each other, over the years we stayed in touch by computer. Joe worked well into his 70s as an accountant. He lived alone but he seemed to have many friends. Finally, Joe moved into a senior's house where his meals were provided. He would send out daily emails to all of his friends. He struggled with health issues related to aging, but his spirit was always strong. Joe played piano and at the holidays a few years back he sent out CDs of Christmas music that he recorded. I'll have his music to enjoy in the coming years.

Joe died late last week, peacefully in his sleep. He had undergone surgery recently and he was in rehabilitation but hoping to return home soon, but that was not to be. We had a chat by telephone a couple of weeks ago. He sounded very sharp and very positive at that time. I hope I can remain as positive as he did as I get older. I'll miss his entertaining daily emails about the soap opera quality of his life in the senior's home. He was a good friend and he will be missed.

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Anna said...

Hi - I'm following up on the ham radio club you formed for LGBT folks. I'm a lesbian with my General license, and would like to chat. You can reach me at polly edwards at gmail. Please reach out. :)