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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Of Innocents And "Collateral Damage"

While I had a lot of fun with friends at my semi-annual toy train meet in York, PA this past week, the Boston bombing and subsequent events also held my attention and not in a good way. Who would not be upset by the deaths and the injuries of so many at the Boston Marathon. I hope that questioning of the surviving bomber insures that there are no followup acts of violence by associates if any. I also hope that we find out how these two brothers could have morphed into such cold blooded killers. While events in Boston were upsetting, just as worrisome to me are the killings and maiming of men, women and children done by our military and by our use of attack drones in the conduct of our foreign misadventures. Are not the innocent victims of our official attacks worthy of the same level of concern as the victims of the Boston bombers?? Such "collateral damage" is not acceptable to me. It is too high a price to pay for successfully targeting those we consider our enemies.

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