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Friday, May 16, 2014

A Brief Visit to Seattle

This afternoon our ship the “Century” docked in Seattle. We had a bus tour of the city that took us to two iconic spots in the Northwest city: the Space Needle and Pike’s Place Market. The Space Needle, built in 1962 for a World’s Fair, included a trip to the observation level, with multiple views of this city, so spectacularly located on the Puget Sound. Pike’s Place Market, which I hadn’t seen in 40 years, seemed to be much larger than remembered, and has probably grown. It’s now not only filled with fish and produce stands, including ones chock full of magnificent flowers offered at cut-rate prices, but also was a sea full of all sorts of shops, from international dried goods to home-made pasta, pastries, cheese and much more. What did we wind up buying? Chocolate covered dried cherries—after all we’re on a perpetual diet. If you can’t let your hair down on a vacation, when can you? --Dan

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