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Monday, August 11, 2014

Ibiza: Our Last Port of Call

Sunday night the ship docked in Ibiza. Monday morning Jim went on a dive, while Dan and our shipboard new friend Ed (see pic) took a boat into the town to see ‘Alt Villa’ or the high town. The walk up to the top was very steep, and Ibiza was the hottest port we’ve visited. But the views were great, and after, back in the old town Andrew M (from Washington) joined us for a relaxing lunch at the restaurant La Formentera. We ordered a bottle of Rioja wine, and I had an avocado salad and the parpardelle with lobster. Then Ed and I took the boat back to the marina and walked the five minutes to the ship. It was a fun ending to the cruise, and Tuesday we fly on to Amsterdam for a few days.-Dan (Photos by Dan)

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