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Friday, September 12, 2014

Not Another War!

I'm close to being a pacifist at this point in my life after living through the Vietnam and Iraq wars experiences. The Saudis have a standing army of 150,000 soldiers and state of the art military arms purchased with oil money. If they are not willing to take the lead in straightening out their own back yard why should we? Obama is clearly reluctant to get involved but lacks the political courage to just say no in the face of media hysteria over two dead journalists and Republican Party warmongering. There is so much to read explaining the disasterous path we're on. Here's a sample:
The United States, by agreeing to airstrikes without end in support of a corrupt and sectarian government in Baghdad; by championing a Shia and Kurdish invasion of Sunni lands; and by promising arms, munitions and money to rebel groups in the middle of the Syrian Civil War, the same groups that sold Steven Sotloff to his beheading, has adopted a policy that will exacerbate the civil wars in both Iraq and Syria and deepen the nightmare existence of their people.

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