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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Bradley: 2001 - 2015

Jim's favorite photo of Bradly on Fire island

I'll be opening the Fire Island beach house this year without my buddy Bradley. We had to say goodbye to Braddy in February. The ravages of old age...arthritis, incontinence, and confusion detracted from his quality of life. It's always difficult to part with an animal companion, but Dan courageously did the right thing. We're both still grieving and it will take some time for us to get closure. In the meantime we're trying to concentrate on the great life he had and the many special memories of him that we will always treasure. Each of our beloved animal companions has a unique personality. Bradley was the most sweet-tempered, without a mean bone in his body. He was a little timid especially in the early years, but he opened up and became more outgoing as he aged. He was always a playful little guy. I enjoyed countless hours of play with him, throwing balls, sticks and a variety of toys for him to retrieve and return. He loved the beach. He played with a number of his canine friends on the beach year after year. While not a swimming dog, he loved to run and romp in the sand. He accompanied me to the beach and spent many days and hours under the beach umbrella. We enjoyed many, many long walks to the Pines and through the Sunken Forest on Fire Island, and in Fairmount Park in Philadelphia. He was a beautiful dog. We would often get compliments about him and questions about his breed (he was a mix.) He was unfailingly loyal and obedient. I never needed a leash with Braddy. He was always by my side and he always came when called. When I went snow sledding he would run along side me as I went down the hill. When I went in the water on Fire Island he would wait for me patiently, perhaps with some anxiety, until I returned from the water. He had a great relationship with two of our cats, our beloved Nikko, who died in 2010, and our current little sweetheart, Loki. He and Loki enjoyed many hours of playful sparring. So we have many wonderful memories of this special little dog. He had a long, wonderful life full of fun, and he was loved so much by his human companions. He was a lucky dog (he was a rescue,) and we were lucky to have cared for him and enjoyed him for 13-1/2 years.

Photo of Jim and Bradley by Bob Russell

Bradley and Nikko

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