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Friday, May 15, 2015

Cruising The Schuylkill and Delaware Rivers

Yesterday we went on a boat trip that went upand down the Schulykill River and then over to the Delaware River--these two surround the city. We'd been on boats on the Schulykill, which is also near the Walk we take, and close to the big Art Museum and Waterworks. But far south of there, before the Schulykill River flows into the Delware, there is a huge refinery (where Jim worked for Gulf Oil for 7 years--he was still a hardhat worker when I met him 32 years ago), then the vast naval yard (no longer used by the Navy), ship works, piers on our side (opposite NJ) and much more. Coffee and cocoa is imported here, too. There are an interesting group of old ships (some of which are museums for tourists) and sites near what's known as Penn's Landing. That's a part of town we didn't know well, so after the tour we walked around and then ate in Old City at Positano, an Italian restaurant in the Olde City section of Philadelphia. - Dan Evans

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