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Friday, August 21, 2009

Here Is What's Wrong

Part of our problem is Obama, who does not have the temperamant of a leader, and the pols and hacks (e.g. Rahm) that he has surrounded himself with. Obama has turned out to be just another garden variety politician. "Change you can believe in" has turned out to be triangulation and betrayal.

But the real problem is systemic. As Larry Flynt and Michal Moore point out today over at Huffington, our political system is totally corrupt. The control of American politics by the uber wealthy, corporations, and the military-industrial complex is complete. That's why having a Democratic president and a Democratic Congress has meant just about nothing in the overall sceme of things. It doesn't matter which of the two major parties is in control. They are both bought and paid for. Nothing will change without political reforms that are not even being suggested let alone seriously considered.

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