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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Great American Decline

Bob Herbert in today's New York Times:

the current state of decline is bound to continue. You can’t have a healthy economy with so many millions of people out of work, and there is no plan now that would result in the creation of millions of new jobs any time soon.

...but as David Brooks notes in the Times, our decline as a nation can be seen and felt across the board. Brooks notes that we start the decade in an angry mood as a nation, with low approval ratings for the president and congress, and people having no faith in government. We're mired in two wars, and we just spent a year arguing about helath care. The end result...a bill that does little to control costs while protecting private insurance compaines and drug companies.

The only group poised to take advantage of the situation are the "Tea Baggers" of the far right. This year's mid-term elections are looking like a disaster for Democrats, and will likely end any chance Obama had to achieve his promises to the many constituiencies that he has so far let down.

Welcome to 2010.


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