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Friday, January 29, 2010

Obama's Tragic Flaw

...he tries to please everyone, and ends up pleasing no one.

The State Of The Union address contained more of the same: something for everyone. I don't see it as a much needed course correction. Obama is a Democrat: where is the president's push for the traditional Democratic agenda? Instead, we hear more of this reaching out to Republicans, who have steadfastly opposed him on every issue.

Democratic governor Ed Rendell:

"The president has been reluctant to sort of roll up his sleeves and fight for the things we believe in because he's been trying hard for bipartisan results."

What should have been in the speech? Robert Reich:

We need a second stimulus directed at states and locales. I wish our educator-in-chief would say that loud and clear, explain why, and then do it.

Professor Drew Westen seems to be scratching his head about the speech:

...the President's speech was either a thing of beauty -- an extraordinary appeal to his fellow citizens to overcome their differences and join in common cause despite them ("there is no red America, there is no blue America") -- or a masterful performance by a master chameleon who restored the ability of Americans, at least for a fleeting moment, to see in him whatever and whoever they hope he is.

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