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Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Blather Factor

Are you familiar with the "Blather Factor"? The blather factor is all of the bloviating nonsense I have to listen to from the right. Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Rush and Bill O'Reilly are top of the list. Oh yes, and please spare me the bullshit comparison that the "left" does the same thing. The two can rarely be equated.

Palin is the next up and coming right wing pundit. Her sentences are usually barely coherent thus even the retards that hold her dear have to do a double take when she manages to puke out an entire thought. Ann Coulter seems to have decided to remove herself from the land of the outrageous for the time being, not coincidentally when the mentally impaired Sarah Palin stumbled in. I guess Ann, like the people of Dune, saw some "wormsign" and decided to run for solid ground.

Arianna Huffington, Greg Palast, Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow aren't even close. please don't lump them in with the Fox owned, right wing political mouth machine. They actually use facts to back up their arguements and journalism to prove a point. And the above right wing jerk offs twist the story so much and so hard that any resemblance to jounalism is purely coincidental.

So now you know my thoughts on Rush, Hannity and crew. I do things in my country for other people. I volunteer. Free of charge. I give my time to those as fortunate as me and less fortunate. I give money and stuff to people in need. I've given my expertise to people that need help. I've helped other Americans and hopefully I make some small impact. I'm not Mother Theresa but I try. I also have a degree from a good school that I earned. Matter of fact, I can say that every academic achievement I have was earned with blood. Wasn't easy, but I did it. I've worked hard pretty much since I was 13. No way around working, I just did it and continue to do so.

So I am curious, what have the pundits done? What achievements do they have? I'm curious, because they aren't public servants, they make huge amounts of cash and they aren't really experts on anything, at least as far as I can tell. I find vastly more valor and honor in any kind of labor, starting with the guy that cleans the toilets at a rest stop all the way up to your most sophisticated doctor or attorney. Both sets of people work their asses off, even if the pay is sometimes lopsided or out of whack.

So again, I post the question as I watch blathering heads on Sunday morning that claim to have knowledge but are really only spewing gobbly gook that nobody cares about except other pundits: what have they done to earn their position? And can't somebody make them shut the fuck up?


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