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Saturday, May 15, 2010

More From The Ukraine

Dan and I are enjoying a riverboat cruise in the Ukraine. For the first few days we're actually sailing on the Black Sea. We started our trip in Odessa and now we're in Sevastopol. Sevastopol until recently was a closed Russian military base. With Ukrainian independence the city has been opened even though it still serves as a naval base now for both the Russian and Ukrainian navys. The photo at the URL below shows some of the warships docked near ours.

The weather is pretty nice here, like back home in Philly...springtime. The food on board our ship is excellent. We've already attended a ballet performance at the beautiful Odessa opera house, and done quite a bit of touring of the Ukrainian countryside both in Odessa and Sevastopol. Sevastopol is located on the Crimean penninsula. There is much history here dating back to the Crimean War of the mid 19th century. Yesterday we saw the valley that was the site of the famous charge of the Light Brigade.

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