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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Obama's Disappointing Approach To Gay Rights

John Aravosis sums up the problem:

Let's talk gay issues. Speed isn't quite the problem. It's more an issue of political homophobia, as Joe calls it. An irrational fear of gays and their civil rights, even when the 70% of the public is routinely on our side, as it is with repealing "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." Rather than simply repeal the damn law, and institute a stop-loss order in the meantime to stop the discharges, the President continues to defend DADT in court, continues to end the careers of patriotic gay and lesbian service members, and now we're debating "repeal" legislation that does everything but repeal DADT. If you think this legislation repeals DADT, then ask anyone in the White House "under this legislation, when do the discharges finally stop?" Good luck getting an answer...

People aren't ticked at Obama because of the speed of his legislative accomplishments. They're ticked about the substance, and the President's unwillingness to fight for what he says he believes in. And no amount of legislation with the right title and the wrong policies is going to change that.

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