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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Senator Gillibrand On DADT

According to Pam's House Blend blog, New York U. S. Sentor Kirsten Gillibrand is now saying there will be no vote on the DADT "compromise" until after the mid term elections. However, pushing the vote off until the lame duck session it seems to me will make it even harder to muster enough votes to break a filibuster of even the weak compromise bill, which as we know, is NOT repeal of DADT. With conservative Dems like Nelson and even Webb having stated their opposition to the compromise bill, where will the 60 votes to pass it come from in the Senate? IF the Republicans gain senate seats in the mid term elections, which is likely, that will strengthen the opposition to passing even the crappy compromise DADT bill in the senate. I like Gillibrand, but let's wake up here. We're being jagged around once again. How can she really believe the scenario she is selling us?

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