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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Obana Deserves To Be Heckled

Photo: "Autumn Altar" traditional secular celebration of the Autumnal Equinox...followed by a warm vegetarian Indian dinner.

Last night Obama was heckled at a public appearance by demonstrators unhappy about his cuts in AIDS funding and the inaction on "Don't Ask; Don't Tell" repeal. His response was to tell the demonstrators that "We're working on DADT Repeal" and the "other guys" (Republicans) would be worse on AIDS funding. Mr. President, these answers don't cut it two years into your administration. Those people who supported you as candidate Obama are now sending you a message. They are disappointed in your presidency so far...more business as usual than change we can believe in. You had better heed them and if you continue to berate your liberal critics you do so at your own political peril. Mr. Obama, you will face increased pressure from those who had hoped for better from you. Get used to the heckling from your former supporters if you plan to continue your tenure as president as you have so far.

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