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Monday, November 1, 2010

The Trouble With Democrats

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If the Democrats get their collective rear ends kicked tomorrow, part of the reason will be that too many of them are emmulating their leader Obama in trying to have it both ways on gay issues.

This is from PA. senatorial candidate Joe Sestak's web site:


DOMA prevented interstate and federal recognition of same sex marriage by mandating that no state be required to acknowledge same sex marriages that are officiated in other states and that the federal government may not recognize or officiate same sex marriages. Joe supports civil unions and believes that they are the providence of the states. He believes that marriage is a church issue. If states decide to allow same sex marriages, he believes that to be the right of that state. He opposes federal and state constitutional amendments against same sex marriage because he does not believe the decision should be forced upon any religious institution -- as it is a church’s right to exercise beliefs.


Joe supports "civil unions"...that is not marriage equality. Marriage is a church issue? That is exactly backwards. Civil marriage is a basic civil right. Since when is marriage a church issue? Does that mean that marriage in front of a Justice of the Peace is invalid or less valid than a church marriage?

I am disappointed in Sestak, and not likely to vote on Tuesday or perhaps not until I can vote for a candidate that has the courage to stand up squarely for what is right.

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