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Friday, January 14, 2011

My Fifteen Wishes That Probably Will Not Come True

1. A return to real progressive taxation (pre-Reagan rates)
2. The end of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
3. Universal (single payer) healthcare
4. Real, deep, and permanent cuts in the defense budget
5. Full equality for GLBT Americans
6. An end offshore drilling
7. A real energy conservation Marshall Plan
8. Closure of US bases around the world (why are we there?)
9. True neutrality in the Arab-Israeli dispute
10. Animal rights respected and codified into law
11. A vegan and vegatarian America
12. Outlaw natural gas fracking
13. Restoration of all constitutional rights pre-Patriot Act
14. War crimes trails for Bush,Jr and company for torture
15. Universal national service (end the all-volunteer army)

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Michael Andre said...

I like this. It suggests the slo-mo wishes of a man preparing to blow out the candles on his birthday cake. I'm not sure about bringing back the draft. But I do think your wishes might be re-written in Jeffersonian as a new Philadelphia manifesto. The world could profit.