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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Winter Fun And Games

Photo: Sculpture in Fairmount Park

We are dealing with the ice and snow that remains here. The car is a prisoner until the huge piles of snow and ice melt and we get back to having something near the usual quantity of on street parking places available again. If I were to take the car out now I would never be able to re-park it!

We had a nice evening out last night. We took the regional rail train to a nearby suburb to meet our new friends Richard and Mark for dinner at a restaurant called Mikado Thai Pepper. It is a combination of Japanese and Thai. It was fun and not too expensive. Today we'll be at home. This morning we took a one hour AM walk with the dog. Later I'll go out again and visit Whole Foods probably, and pick up an entree for tonight.

Watching events in Egypt and the Middle East is interesting. We always seem to be on the wrong side supporting these dictators in that part of the world. Just a couple of years ago we were in Cairo. We visited the Egyptian Museum. I know it was partially looted already. I hope that someone can protect the museum. Of course, I hope the violence ends soon. Mubarak has to go. Will Egypt get democracy or become an Islamic fundamentalist state?

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