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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Aarhus, Denmark: A Vintage Steam Train Trip

On the cruise’s second stop in Denmark, we docked at the second largest city, the seaport Aarhus. From there we took a bus excursion to Bryrup for a steam engine train ride to Vrads. The marvelous old train, manned by a volunteer staff, was fun, and on the journey we saw beautiful Danish lake and forest country.

After the train ride the tourists in our group re-boarded the bus to visit Sky Mountain, a spectacular look-out point that also added to our enjoyment of lovely Denmark.
But by that time most of the passengers on the bus were thoroughly disgruntled and protested to the tour guide. You might ask, dear reader, What? Why the tourist revolt?
Well, a tour to see the bog man mummy known as the ‘Tollund Man’ had been promised in the excursion ticket. But our tour guide Kirsten said that such a lengthy visit to the town of Silkeborg was not included on our tour, and thus the discontent.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jim: Was this a private tour or a Cruise ship sponsored tour? Thanks

Jim Kelly-Evans said...

It was a cruise ship sponsired excursion (Pricess Lines)...I think it would be difficult to get there from a ship on your own.