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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sunday In Stockholm

Sunday in Stockholm

A little later this Sunday morning we arrive in Stockholm. We’re not booked on any organized tour today, rather we plan to take a shuttle bus transfer into town. We hope to visit the art museum and perhaps the royal palace. However, while yesterday at sea we had sunny conditions, the forecast for today is for cloudy skies and rain showers. So we’ll have to play it by ear as far as touring today goes.

Last evening we joined our new gay friends for the Captain’s welcome dinner. There was a festive free champagne reception and special menu items at the dinner such as delightful escargot. It was a “formal” dress evening so we asked a friend to take photo by the grand staircase.

The photos below are those which I could not post yesterday due to problems with Blogger and internet explorer. The first three were taken at the pantomime theater in Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens. Photos 4-6 are of “Hamlet’s Castle” (Kronborg Castle) in Elsinore. Photo 7 is a Horned Greeve that is nesting at the Frederikborg castle. Photo 8 is Frederikbork, Photo 9 Fredensborg Palace and the last two ate Frederikborg castle. (Whew! – the castle and palace names are a killer.)


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