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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Storm Damage In The Pines

I took a walk to the Pines yesterday to have a look at storm damage there. Their dune, which was tiny to begin with, looks like it was nuked. The bottom photo shows evidence of the flooding at Nautilus Walk. This area has been a problem for years and it has flooded before. The top photo was taken east of Sail Walk at the far east end of the Pines. There is a vehicle cut there and not much of a dune so flooding there is no surprise. I believe, however, that these are washovers, not a true breach where the ocean meets the bay. I saw no evidence of a breach. By the way, the feds say that breaches are a natural occurring thing and a necessary part of the natural processes of a barrier island. But we don't need to help that process along by destroying dunes with vehicle cuts.

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