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Monday, November 7, 2011

Occupy Philadelphia Day 33: Two-Tiered Justice In The U.S.

Police arrest occupiers, or worse, beat them, spray them with pepper spray, or use tear gas on them. At the same time, no one who is responsible for Wall Street excesses that led to the Great Recession has gone to jail or even been arrested and charged. It's no wonder why occupiers protest police excesses. Glenn Greenwald:
The police force - the instrument of law enforcement - is being used to protect powerful criminals who have suffered no consequences for their crimes. It is simultaneously used to coerce and punish the powerless: those who are protesting and who have done nothing wrong, yet are subjected to an array of punishment ranging from arrest to pepper spray and other forms of abuse. That's what the two-tiered justice system is: elites are immunized for egregious crimes while ordinary Americans are subjected to merciless punishment for trivial transgressions.

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