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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Occupy Philadelphia Day 42: Societal Problems And The Occupy Movement

The Occupy movement stands in solidarity with many other economic and social justice movements, e.g. the unions, and the women's rights, civil rights, and GLBT rights movements. A prime example of that was seen on Monday when OccupyPhiladelphia joined with unionized Aramark workers struggling for a fair contract. Occupations have been criticized of late by politicians seeking a reason to shut them down. Complaints about sanitation and crime abound. But these problems exist in U.S. society at large, with our large homeless population and the staggering amount of poverty that we have. Why would these problems not manifest themselves within our occupations? They are not our fault. We're actually trying to provide remedies. Occupations feed and care for the homeless and work to end povery by demanding economic justice. Therefore, it is shameful of politicians like New York City's Mayor Bloomberg to demonize occupations.

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