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Friday, December 16, 2011

Obama Supports NDAA Unconstitutional Detentions

Photo: Occupy Philadelphia prepares for an action earlier this Fall The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) will not be vetoed by Obama even though the detentions provision trashes the Bill of Rights. Obama supports this outrageous unconstitutional act of Congress. Here is the ACLU's take on Obama and the NDAA:
While the government has the right, under the laws of war, to detain prisoners captured on the battlefield until the end of hostilities, no president should have the power to declare the entire globe a war zone and then seize and detain civilian terrorism suspects anywhere in the world — including within the United States — and to hold them forever without charge or trial. But the Bush and Obama administrations have done just that, defining their powers too broadly, and claiming the authority to pick up and detain without charge or trial prisoners from around the globe who they deem engaged in the "war on terror." If there is reliable evidence against a detainee, he should be prosecuted in our federal courts, which are well-equipped to handle sensitive national security evidence while protecting fundamental rights. If there is not enough reliable evidence for prosecution, there is certainly not enough to justify locking them up – possibly forever.

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