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Friday, December 30, 2011

A Tough Loss For Our Friends

Our good friends Pete and Carole lost their beloved feline "Spanky" (brother of "Alfalfa") on Christmas day. It's never easy to lose a pet that you have grown to love, and it's especially tough when the pet dies at a young age, full of vigor. The only comfort we can take is that while they were with us they were well cared for and loved, and their life, however short, was at least a happy one. Carole writes:
We are doing much better. Actually we now are getting to know Alfalfa better, he was always the shy, reclusive one - the hunter, but always around as we have lots of little critters on our property. Not playful [with the children] nor adventurous [like climbing the Christmas tree, which big ol' Spanky had done the last morning that I saw him] so he had been more like Spanky's shadow. Note the Christmas card, Spanky is front and center. Typical. It was strange for a while, but we are slowly getting used to it.
Our sympathy and love goes out to you, dear Pete and Carole.

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