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Monday, September 10, 2012

Have We Become As Bad As Our Enemies?

How should a person who is concerned about civil liberties and justice vote in November? Bush/Cheney ordered "enhanced interrogation techniques" (TORTURE), a war crime, to be used on detainees in the "war on terror." Obama/Holder refuse to prosecute the CIA operatives who committed these war crimes because "they were just following orders," a defense that the United States rejected at the post-WWII Nuremberg trials. Bush defended the death of innocent civilians as "collateral damage." Obama now claims executive authority to have US citizens killed anywhere/anytime without due process, if he suspects them of being terrorists. Should we have captured Osama Bin Laden rather than assassinating him? What are we doing? What have we become? Can we afford to remain a prisoner of the US red/blue political paradigm when both sides have shredded the constitution? Read John Cusack's interview with constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley: (click on the blog title above)... Turley: "...what is really telling is the disconnect between what people say about our country and what our country has become. What we've lost under Bush and Obama is clarity. In the "war on terror" what we've lost is what we need the most in fighting terrorism: clarity. We need the clarity of being better than the people that we are fighting against. Instead, we've given propagandists in Al Qaeda or the Taliban an endless supply of material — allowing them to denounce us as hypocrites."

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