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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Morning On TV: The Political Shows

The Sunday morning talk shows were amusing this morning. On the Chris Matthews show, columnist Joe Klein stated "the Republican Party has lost touch with reality." Yes, I think he is onto something. Bill Clinton, a better spokesman for Obama than Obama himself, was on Face The Nation where he sliced Romney up using that Clinton finesse. The big fight was the roundtable on Meet The Press, where feckless Bay Buchanan, sister of right wing nut case Pat Buchanan, was left to fend off not only the Democrats but also conservatives David Brooks and Joe Scarborough, who trashed Romney's campaign. Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, a Democrat, is extremely forceful. He and Brooks agreed that eventually the country's fiscal crisis will be solved by a multi-trillion dollar grand bargain that will include tax increases and spending cuts. Brooks thinks a national crisis of some sort will have to happen first.

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