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Friday, May 17, 2013

Cannes During the Film Festival

Our ship arrived in the harbor of Cannes Friday. We took a tender or small boat from the ship the Legend to the port. From there we walked to the old city Le Suquet to tour the Musee de la Castre. This is not one of the notable small museums of Province, but instead a mish-mash collection of anthropological art from Oceania, meso-America and so forth. I used to teach these types of art works in a course but am not that interested in those art forms today, except perhaps the Northwest Coast American Indians—a type of art not in the collections of the Musee de la Castre. But Jim particularly enjoyed the magnificent view from the top of the tall tower in the ancient building, which also included a Medieval chapel turned into a gallery. From that part of town we walked to the glitzy, modern part near the harbor where the Film Festival is currently taking place. We saw Uma Thurman—but only on a poster. The building where the festival is held is controversial because of its (rather ugly) later 20th century architecture, but it features the famed red carpet, and many entrances are restricted to those with press passes, etc. After our tour of the seafront we returned by the tender to the Legend, our Seabourn ship.--Dan

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