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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Happy 30th Anniversary To The One I Love

Thirty years ago, on Memorial Day in 1983, Dan and I met at the home of a mutual friend. We dated for months but quickly bonded as a couple. I moved in with Dan on January 1, 1984. We've been together happily ever since. Sure, there have been a few challenges to our relationship over the years, but our strong love for each other meant that none of these amounted to very much. The years have flown the old saying goes...time flies when you're having fun. But I want to say that it has been Dan that has been the rock in our relationship. He has always been loving, kind and generous, all that anyone could want in a partner and husband. It is he that has made our long duration together possible. I've offered him what I could including my love and loyalty. And for as many more years as we have left together I will love him with all my heart and be immensely grateful for all that he has given me and done for me. I am a lucky man to have him.

Happy 30th anniversary Dan!

All my love,


Photo: On board the Seabourn Legend in the Mediterranean, May 2013.

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