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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Aboard The Queen Mary 2

On sunday we travelled from London to Southampton by bus and boarded the Queen Mary 2 for the start of our week long North Atlantic crossing back home to America. Our first impressions of the ship are very favorable. Our buffet lunch was delicious and the appearance of this now 10 year old vessel is excellent. The carpeting throughout, in particular, looks new and fresh and it is quite pretty. We left London just as heavier rains arrived. In Southampton is was raining quite heavy when the ship left. High seas are prdicted until mid day Monday, but we were assured that this is a large, stable vessel and we will only feel slight movement. It's time to dress for our first coctail hour with our travel companions from Pied Piper, the GLBTQ private group that we are with. Unfortunatley, internet connectivity does not allow photos at this time. - Jim

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