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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Life At Sea

First, a short disclaimer: I did not write the past few, unsigned entries. Jim wrote these under very difficult conditions. Also, he wrote the entry complaining about the tube in London. I write more graphic descriptions of travel and events. As for the life on the Atlantic Ocean, we are having mostly winter weather and only one day were we able to walk around the deck. That was a wonderful treat, since this is the only large ship that has a continuous track around the perimeter. Otherwise, days onboard are full of lectures, dinners, cocktail parties and quiet moments of either reading or computer use. --Dan

From Jim...yes, Dan and I are having a lot of fun. By now we are used to the rocking and rolling of the ship. We have gale force winds and 20 to 30 ft swells. Some shows have been cancelled on board due to safety concerns for the performers. Other than that, on board life goes on with lots of activities...lectures, films, fine dining and of course, cocktail parties!

Here we are last night (Monday) all decked out in our Tuxedos:

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