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Friday, August 14, 2015

Guernsey, UK

As in our previous sailing from Southampton (a few years ago, for a trans-Atlantic crossing on the Queen Mary II,) the customs and security screening was extremely slow. Once on board, we had a late lunch in the cafe, and then settled into our cabin to unpack. Jim took advantage of the gym to work out, while Dan finished reading his book by Gail Tsukiyama, about the difficult period in Chinese history known as the "Hundred Flowers." Then we joined a couple of other passengers at the LGBT cocktail period in the Crooners Lounge. But dining late was not easy, as the ship, the Royal Princess is on its inaugural year, and the staff seemed uncertain where to place us in the Concerto dining room. The food and wine (a Pinot Noire from California) were excellent, including a creamed artichoke soup, pasta with chicken (for Dan only), and a fine chocolate/hazelnut souffle which we both liked. This morning we are in the harbor of St. Peter Port, the capital of the channel isle of Guernsey. It's foggy, but not raining so we hope to walk around the town before the ship leaves here at 2:15 PM. -Dan

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