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Monday, August 24, 2015

Rain In LeHavre

Since our luck held out on this trip, with rain only in Guernsey, we shouldn't complain about the rain that saturated us today in Le Havre. In the mid-morning we took a tourist 'train' to the center of the town. It's not a pretty seaport, since it was so heavily bombed during WW II. But we enjoyed a few of the sights, including the wonderful masterpiece of an architect named Perret, who built the church of St. Joseph after the war. It has a huge tower, meant to resemble a lighthouse, and the church was filled with stained glass. Though modern, and made of concrete, the whole structure, due to the lighting and windows, felt as warm as the old Gothic churches seen more commonly throughout France. The church was built to commemorate those lost in the terrible Second World War. From there we walked to the Museum of Modern Art Andre Malraux, named after the famed 20th century author and Minister of State. They claim to have the second best collection of Impressionism in the country after Paris, and there we saw masterpieces by Pissarro, Monet, Sisley, Dufy (a native son) and many more. We also had a fine French lunch in the cafe of the museum before taking a taxi back to the ship. This was our last day on the trip, thus the last blog post for this journey. Tuesday we look forward to flying home. -Dan

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