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Saturday, August 20, 2016

A Wonderful Day In Prague

Saturday morning we crossed the Charles bridge and made our way up to the Prague castle on the other side of the Vlatva River. We walked up a huge flight of stairs then crossed in front of the ceremonial entrance to the castle complex. We entered the castle proper and enjoyed four attractions. Most memorable was the Gothic St. Vitus cathedral, with its stained glass, paintings and elaborate tombs. The other attractions we saw were the Romanesque basilica, the palace, and the picture gallery. We had a pleasant lunch on a lovely terrace cafe overlooking the lower city, including a Czech specialty...salmon stuffed potato cake with spinach and sour cream. Then we saw some great Baroque art, including a recently restored Rembrandt, in the National Gallery. After relaxing back at the hotel, where Jim had a swim in the pool, we explored the Jewish Quarter with its remarkable Old/New synagogue. Then we walked to the fantastic Art Nouveau Municipal Hall for a first-rate dinner at its French restaurant. It was a great day ending our too-short stay in Prague! - Dan

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